How Does Fruit-Eze™ Promote Regularity?

  • Creates soft stool by preventing fecal matter from drying and hardening.
  • Strengthens intestinal muscles by providing flexible material with which the intestinal muscles are exercised and toned.
  • Promotes a healthy colon lining by providing lubrication.
  • Improves stool quality and texture.
  • Speeds stool transit time. Fruit-Eze™ acts as a natural laxative through the breakdown of soluble fiber into a lubricating gel.
  • Nourishes intestinal flora which help prevent infection, help to further break down waste, help to keep the colon clean, and help to produce additional lubrication.
  • Helps to restore colon health post-surgery. It can also be used to "kick" the laxative habit.

Regularity Benefits - Illustrated