How it Works . . .

Defecation Reflex, Stool Passage & Regularity

4 Simple Ways to Ease Stool Passage

  • 1. Daily Servings of Fruit-Eze™ Your daily servings of Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend provides the necessary material to help your body to produce soft-well-formed flexible stools that are easy to pass.
  • 2. Exercise Daily About 5 minutes of walking, or stretching everyday helps to tone the muscles that aid stool passage and promote regularity.
  • 3. Respond When Nature "Calls" Respond to nature's call promptly. Responding to the urge to "go" (the defecation reflex) helps to preserve soft stool quality, reflex responsiveness, and regularity.
  • 4. Abdominal Massage A few minutes of gentle circular massage of the abdomen stimulates colonic motility and aids reflexive actions in the colon.
Prompt response to the defecation reflex promotes regularity.

About the Defecation Reflex

The defecation reflex is a series of involuntary muscular contractions that signal the body to move the bowel. Nerves that trigger this reflex are located in the rectum.The brain triggers this reflex when the rectal wall expands with stools and stimulates these pressure sensitive nerves.

Contractions of the reflex naturally cease once the bowel is moved. Toileting whenever the reflex is triggered helps to maintain reflex responsiveness and promotes regularity.

When the reflex is ignored, stool pressure and reflexive contractions persist for up to 15 minutes before they cease. Ignoring the reflex (withholding stools) longer than necessary hardens stools, promotes constipation, and weakens the reflex.

About Stool Passage (Defecation)

Involuntary muscular actions initiate the defecation process. Internal and external sphincters (which keep the anus closed) permit stool passage. Voluntarily and gently bearing down* aids defecation. Straining hard against stools and toileting longer than 10 minutes should be avoided. Instead, drink a warm liquid, walk or stretch for a a few minutes, gently massage the abdomen, and then try toileting again.