Soften stools with Fruit-Eze Regularity Blend.

Overcoming Medication Induced Constipation

3 Things You Can do to Overcome Medication Induced Constipation

1. Soften Stools

Soften stools with Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend. This 100% fruit blend naturally softens stools and promotes regularity. Unlike laxatives, it does not interfere with medication, and it is safe to use long term.

2. Daily Exercise

Get at least 5 minutes of exercise everyday. Movement such as walking or stretching strengthens abdominal and intestinal muscles - and, naturally promotes regularity.

3. Avoid Laxative Use

Unless ordered by a doctor, avoid using laxatives. Laxatives can interfere with medication (more information below). Note: Laxatives are not intended to be used long term because they can promote dependency.

How do Laxatives Interfere with Medications?

Laxatives can interfere with medication absorption which can affect the intended therapeutic effect of the medication. They can also intensify the unwanted toxic effect of a medication. To avoid these problems do not take laxatives at the time you take your medication. And, do not take laxatives without consulting a healthcare professional. If a laxative is prescribed for you, ask about your alternatives.

Is there an Alternative to Laxatives?

Yes. Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend is a safe and effective alternative to laxatives that can help to alleviate medication induced constipation. Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend does not interfere with medications and is safe for long term use.