Achieving Well Formed Stools & Regularity

Fruit-Eze Regularity Blend helps the body to produce soft well formed stools that are easy to pass.

Adequate intake of both types of fiber and adequate intake of fluids help to ensure the formation of well formed stools and help to promote regularity. Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend promotes colon health and regularity. It contains the right proportions of soluble and insoluble necessary for the production of well formed stools that have good texture, volume, and weight that are soft, flexible, and easy to pass.

See the eight qualities described below.

Well Formed Stools - 8 Qualities

  • Softness: Soft well formed stools are easy to pass (not too hard and not too soft).
  • Flexibility: Flexible stools pass easily through the flexures of the colon.
  • Good Texture: Stools with sufficient fiber and fluid content have good texture. They do not dry out easily.
  • Good Volume: Stools with good volume exercise colon muscles and promote motility.
  • Good Weight: Stools with weight exercise colon muscles and promote stool motility.
  • Pass Easily: Well formed stools are passed easily (without straining hard).
  • Clean Exit: Well formed stools make a clean exit from the body leaving little, if any, trace matter.
  • Good Form: Well formed stools hold their tubular shape.
The colon uses dietary fiber to form and soften stools.

The Principle Elements: Fiber & Water

The colon uses both fiber and water to create well formed stools. The colon extracts water from liquid waste (called fecal matter) until the remaining particles develop the consistency needed to form a stool. The cohesion of these particles is aided by the mixture of water and fiber present in the feces.




How the Element Promotes Regularity

  In the colon fluid movement into and out of the colon occurs through the colon wall. Dietary fiber can trap some of that fluid. The moisture retaining quality of fiber promotes good stool formation and regularity.
Insoluble Fibers
  In the colon, the moisture retaining property of insoluble fiber helps to improve stool texture, increase stool volume, and stool weight. Good texture, volume and weight speed stool transit and promote regularity.
Soluble Fibers
Texture Flexibility
  Soluble fibers are converted by intestinal flora into a gel that becomes incorporated into the stool as it is formed. This gel promotes soft and flexible stool formation. Excess gel coats
the exterior of the stool providing lubrication and preserving moisture in the stool. Well formed stools are easy to pass
which promotes regularity.