Laxative Overuse

Stool softeners are effective for only 7-10 days.

The Limits of Stool Softeners

Because the body develops a tolerance to docusate sodium and docusate calcium, these laxatives are not considered effective for long term use. The produce
their stool softening effect for 7-10 days. Increased
doses will not produce the desired effect.

About Stool Softeners

Stool softeners are also known as emollient laxatives. Chemical stool softeners contain either docusate sodium or docusate calcium. Both cause moisture and fat to penetrate stool to prevent dry hard stool masses. The lubricant effect makes the stools easier to pass. Because this type of laxative changes the quality of the stool mass, it allows for the passage of the softened stool without straining (which may be important following surgery or injury).

About "Natural" Stool Softeners

Most so-called "natural stool softeners" and "natural fiber blend formulas" may actually contain ingredients classified as stimulant laxatives. Because stimulant laxatives can promote dependency,
these laxatives are not considered safe for long term use (less than 2 weeks). Natural stimulant laxatives include: Senna, Sennosides, Cascara, Cascara Sagrada, Aloe, and Castor Oil. They are not stool softeners. In the laxative industry, they are also referred to as "irritant" laxatives because they irritate the colon wall. This irritation stimulates the colon wall to contract vigorously to rid itself of the irritant.
Note: Mineral Oil, commonly marketed as a natural stool softener is classified as a lubricant laxative,
not a stool softener. It is a by product of petroleum refining and can be toxic.

Do Not Rely on Stool Softener Product Labeling

Product labels do not provide comprehensive information regarding drug interactions. When taking medications, talk to your doctor, nurse, or pharmacist about possible drug interactions before taking
a stool softener.

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Alternatives to Chemical Stool Softeners

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