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About Fiber Laxatives

How They Work

Bulk-forming (fiber) laxatives pass through the body undigested. The fibers attract water to the intestine, absorb the water and swell to form a soft, bulky stool. The bulky mass stimulates the intestinal muscles and speeds the stool transit. Bulk-forming (fiber) laxatives will not work without increased fluid intake and can complicate constipation. > Impaction Risk

Compare for Yourself

In the table below, compare fiber laxatives with all natural Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend. Why risk laxative side effects when you can use Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend instead?
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Comparison of Fiber Laxatives to
Fruit-Eze™ the Laxative Alternative
Fiber Stimulant
& Fiber Combination
Effect on
Bowel Movement "Accidents" Can Occur No No No
Frequent Bowel Movements CanOccur No Possible No
Purgative Action No Yes No
Semi Fluid Stool Evacuation No Yes No
Softens Stools Yes No Yes
Watery Stool Evacuation No Yes No
Impact on
Colon Lining Can Breakdown No Yes No
Colon Muscle Tone Loss No Yes No
Defecation Reflex Can Breakdown No Yes No
Defecation Reflex Urgency (muscular contractions with or without evacuation) No Yes No
Healthy Bacteria Growth Decrease due to Deterioration of Lining No Yes No
Healthy Bacteria Can Be Flushed Out No Yes No
Impaction Risk Yes Yes No
Lubricating Mucus Can Be Flushed Out No Yes No
Nerves Lining Colon Can Be Exposed & Damage to Nerves Can Occur No Yes No
Over Empties the Colon No Yes No
Promotes Growth of Harmful Bacteria No Yes No
Rapid Increase in Bowel Action (colon not permitted to function normally) No Yes No
Impact on Fluids Dehydration Inducing Yes Yes No
Discoloration of Urine No No No
Diuretic No Yes No
Electrolyte Loss Can Occur No Yes No
Significant Fluid Loss Can Occur Yes Yes No
Impact on other Areas
ofthe Body
Breathing Difficulty Can Occur Yes Yes No
Choking Hazard Yes Yes No
Dependency Can Develop (a laxative is required in order to move bowel) Yes Yes No
Fainting May Occur No Yes No
Ineffective After 7-10 Days (increased doses will not produce desired effect) No No No
Inhalation Can Cause Allergic Reaction Yes Yes No
Irritation to GI Tract Can Occur Possible Yes No
Nausea Can Occur No Yes No
Nutritive Absorption Interference No Possible No
Pneumonia Risk No No No
Severe Cramping Can Occur (esp. Children & Elderly) No Yes No
Severe Weight Loss Can Occur No Yes No
Skin Irritation at Anus Can Occur No Yes No
Swallowing Difficulty Can Occur Yes No No
Systemic Absorption Risk (affecting lymph tissues) No No No
Tolerance to the Active Agent Can Develop (increased dosages required to obtain laxative effect) No No No
Effect on Medications Medication Absorption Interference Can Occur Yes Yes No
Intensifies Effect of Some Medications Possible Yes No
Interacts With Drugs Yes Yes No
Toxic Effect of Some Medications Increased Possible Yes No
Usage Daily Use Discouraged No Yes No
Do Not Take With Meals Yes Yes No
Elderly - Feeling Weak No Yes No
Elderly - Hypotension Possible Yes No
Elderly - Lacking Coordination No Yes No
Increased Fluid Intake is Required Yes Yes No
Infant or Child Usage - Consult Doctor Yes Yes No
Long Term Use Ok Yes No Yes
Short Term Use Ok Yes Yes Yes
Nursing Moms - Consult Doctor Yes Yes No
Pregnant - Consult Doctor Yes Yes No

Agents & Brand Names

Read product labels carefully. There are several possible active agents in a fiber laxative (see list below). These agents may be combined with stimulant laxatives (not listed below). We do not sell, or recommend these products. > Read our product recommendation.

Fiber Agent
Laxative Brand Names
Calcium Polycarbophil
Equalactin, FiberCon, Konsyl Tablets, Phillips Fiber Caps
Fiber Choice Chewable
Malt Soup Extract
Citrucel, Citrucel Tabs, Fiber Ease
Arnold Ehret Inner-Clean Laxative, Colon Care, Metamucil Original & Smooth Textures, Metamucil Wafers, Perdiem Regular & Overnight
Psyllium Hydrophillic Muciloid
Hydrocil Instant, Konsyl Regular & Easy Mix Formulas, Konsyl Sugar Free