Dry Fiber Laxatives & Impaction Risk

Dry fiber laxatives can complicate constipation.

About Dry Fiber Laxatives & Risk of Impaction

When dry fiber laxatives are taken at night, the risk of impaction increases. Here are 4 reasons not to take dry fiber laxatives at night:

1. Additional Fluid Intake Does Not Occur When Sleeping

When you are asleep, you do not drink fluids as you do during the day. Dry fiber laxatives require follow up fluid intake to avoid impaction risk. Without adequate fluid intake, this type of laxative does not work and can actually increase impaction risk.

2. During Sleep the Body Moves Around Less

When you are asleep, you do not move as much as you do during the day. Moving around stimulates the muscles of the gastrointestinal tract. This stimulation helps to keep things moving along. With normal everyday movement such as walking, impactions are less likely to develop.

3. Choking Hazard Increases When Sleeping

If you lie down after taking a dry fiber laxative - without adequate fluid intake - the risk of impaction increases. When fluid intake is not adequate enough to wash dry fiber laxatives down into the stomach, some of the fibers can swell up in the esophagus*, create a blockage and cause choking.
* Note: Impaction is possible anywhere along the G.I. tract.

4. Early Symptoms of Impaction May Be Missed When Sleeping

If you are asleep as an impaction is developing, you may miss symptoms that would otherwise alert you that a problem is developing. > Symptoms of Impaction

Dry fiber laxatives will not work without adequate fluid intake.

Dosing Time

Morning & Daytime Hours Only

Because bulk forming dry fiber laxatives do not work without adequate fluid intake and can actually complicate constipation without adequate fluid intake, dry fiber laxatives should be taken in the morning or during the day so that the dose can be followed by additional fluid intake* and daily activity*. Older adults who limit their fluid intake in the hours preceding bedtime should also void taking the laxative in the late afternoon or evening.

* Note: When dry fiber laxatives are administered for individuals who are confined to bed, fluid intake should be increased and daily physical therapy should be provided. These individuals should be closely watched for signs of impaction.

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Alternatives to Dry Fiber Laxatives

If a fiber laxative is prescribed for you, ask about increasing your dietary fiber instead. Or, try Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend. It is a safe and effective alternative to fiber laxatives that can help to alleviate medication induced constipation. Fruit-Eze™ Regularity Blend does
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