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"Everyone Poops" is our top pick.

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Below, we list some interesting books about the journey
of food, and about how the body gets rid of waste.
Though we found most of these books at our local public
library, some of these books may be available at bookstores.

We hope that they inspire you to write your own story.
And, we hope that you will share your story with us.

Everyone Poops

By Taro Gomi
1993 Kane/Miller Book Publishers
La Jolla, California
ISBN: 0-916291-45-6 / 27 pages

Originally written in Japanese, this tale shares the simple truth that everyone (and every animal) poops! It is both thought provoking and amusing. Translated into English with easy to read text in large type. Colorful illustrations blanket each page.Relevant pages: All. “Our favorite book”—Fruit-Eze™, Staff. This book available for purchase from Kane Miller Books:

What Happens to a Hamburger?

Let’s Read & Find Out Science
By Paul Showers
1970, 1985, 2001 HarperCollins
Publishers,Inc., New York, New York
ISBN: 0-06027947-8 / 33 pages

A journey through the human digestive system-into the mouth, down the gullet, into the stomach, and finally into the small and large intestines. Learn about what each part does to help transform the food you eat and what happens to the food your body cannot use. Illustrated. Relevant pages: All

Major Systems of the Body

21st Century Science
By QA International, Montreal, Québec,
Canada 2002 By World Almanac Library
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
ISBN: 0-8368-5007-6 / 63 pages

A description of the structure and function
of major systems of the human body. Includes bibliographical references and index. Large colorful illustrations. Relevant pages: 12-13, 17.

The Digestive & Excretory Systems

The Human Body Library
By Susan Dudley Gold
2004 Enslow Publishers, Inc.
Berkeley Heights, N.J.
ISBN: 0766020223 / 48 pages

Digestion & Reproduction

The Human Body Series
By Andreu Llamas
1998 Gareth Stevens Publishing
Milwaukee, Wisconsin
ISBN: 0-8368-2111-4 / 64 pages

Describes the organs and their actions as they are involved in the journey of food through the body. Also covers ovulation, fertilization, and reproduction. Large color illustrations. Relevant pages: 5, 14-15.

I Know Where My Food Goes

Sam’s Science
By Jacqui Maynard
1999 By Walker Books, Ltd
Candlewick Press, Cambridge,
ISBN: 0-7636-0505-0 / 29 pages

Where does the food goes when you swallow it? Sam knows, and with a little help from his mom, he’s going to tell you the whole soupy, gloopy story of digestion, from start to finish! Illustrated story. Relevant pages: All

The Visual Dictionary
of The Human Body

Eyewitness Visual Dictionaries
1991 DK Publishing, Inc.
New York, New York
ISBN: 1-879431-33-5 / 32 pages

A visual dictionary that looks at the inner
workings of human anatomy including, cells, organs, the skeleton, the brain, and much more. 200 photographs and photographic illustrations with exploded views and cutaway photographs. User friendly for all ages. Relevant pages: 10, 44-47.

The Digestive System

Understanding the Human Body
By Pam Walker & Elaine Wood
2003 Lucent Books, The Gale Group Inc., A division of Thompson Learning, Inc., Farmington Hills, Michigan
ISBN: 1-59018-150-6 / 96 pages

The complex network of body systems that work together to create an extraordinary, living machine are examined in the Understanding The Human Body series. Unique characteristics, malfunctions, and cutting edge medical procedures and technologies are also discussed. Photographs, diagrams, glossaries, and lists for further research. Relevant Pages: All.

101 Questions About
Food & Digestion
That Have Been Eating at You,
Until Now

By Faith Hickman Brynie
2002 Twenty-First Century Books
A division of Millbrook Press, Inc.
Brookfield, Connecticut
ISBN: 0-7613-2309-0 / 176 pages

Question and answer format explains the human digestive system and how it uses food for nutrition. Relevant Pages: 19-22, 31-32, 46-50, 54-55,57-60, 82-92

Books Selected & Reviewed
by Fruit-Eze™ Staff
2006 Fruit-Eze™, Inc.

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