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About Stools

How Does My Body Make a Stool?

Your body uses fiber and water to make stools.

Have you ever made a sand castle or a mud pie? If so, you know that water can help bind things together. Your body combines water and left over bits of undigested food (and other bits of waste) to make a stool. After a stool is formed, you feel the urge to“go” (to move your bowel).

Moving the bowel is how your body gets rid of waste. Being able to get rid of waste keeps your body healthy. If we could not move the bowel to get rid of waste, we would get sick.

How Often Do I Have to “Go”?

Move your bowel anytime you feel the urge to “go”. Your body will naturally produce stools and will naturally signal your body by "urging" you to move your bowel.

The “urge” often happens after meals, after sleep, or during play. It may happen once or twice a day, or even once every other day. It may also happen once every three days

Stools contain germs. Wash your hands after using the bathroom.

Can I Withhold a Stool?

When you feel the urge to “go”, respond as quickly as you can. Withholding stools a few minutes while you find a bathroom is ok. But, regularly withholding stools for a long time is not healthy for your body. Holding your stools back can make stools become hard, dry and difficult to pass. Move your bowel as soon as you can, every time you feel the urge to “go”.